How to Match Printed Baby Blankets Into A Nursery Or Room Design

Designing a baby nursery can be fun. If you like prints and colors there are many ways you can add that into your design pallet. Printed Baby Blankets are a great way to add prints to the overall design without committing permanently. You can have different Printed Baby Blankets with different prints and colors and you can change them out, mix and match regularly.

Printed Baby Blankets

Printed baby blankets are a good way to add character to a baby nursery or a kids room. They look good and can match with other items in the room. They can also be changed out and added with ease and without disrupting the entire room design.

How to Mix and Match Prints

Choose a Color Pallet

Mixing and matching can be fun but you have to know what you are doing. When you mix and match prints, you can’t just go crazy and combine any and every print and color. Your room will end up looking like a crazy person’s den. When you mix and match prints, start with a color palette. Even before you start thinking of prints, think of the color palette you want to use. Choose colors that are in the same color family, warm hues or cool hues and what you want to pop the most. If you choose a lot of colors, keep the print pattern simple and not too busy.

Choose a Background Color

If you are not sure where to start, you can choose a plain color as a background color and then start to add on prints and colors to it, You can choose a white color pallet with two or three to go with it (4 if you are feeling adventurous). You can also choose a blue background, or yellow or any other fun color. Most people paint the walls in these background colors and then they let the wall color dictate the rest of the design. You can choose a monochromatic scheme in white and black, or decide on a nautical theme with navy blue and white. Then you can start to design with printed baby blankets, printed rugs or printed throw pillows.

Large Prints

When you use large prints, let your base be a neutral color. Large prints are great and they can transform a room for the best if they are matched correctly. Get a neutral base on the walls then add a large print carpet or furniture. Then get a sofa in a neutral color and add an ottoman that also has a large print. When you do this, the bold prints will stand out and make a statement. The neutral colors bring the room all together and the large prints communicate the feel and style of the room.

Use Different Scales

When mixing and matching prints, you don’t have to choose prints of the same size. You can choose prints of different sizes and scales. When choosing prints of the same scale, make sure they are in the same color family or the same color pallet or even the same color. You can add a variety of scales just make sure it doesn’t look too busy.

Use Bold Colors

In as much as neutral color pallets or minimalist color schemes are on trend, bold colors have always been around and will not go out of style. If you love colors, do not shy away from using bold colors and mixing and matching them. Use yellow, red, green blue, gold, orange etc. when you use bold colors, accentuate them with neutral colors so it does not come across as too busy but do not shy away from choosing a bold color like red or blue as the main focus of the design. Using bold colors are great for a playroom or a living room area as they are invigorating and cause a happy feeling of excitement and activity.

Use One Pattern

Mixing and matching prints can also be done by using just one pattern of print and mimicking it in different ways. For example, you can choose checkers or gingham as your pattern and interpret it in different ways around the room and in different colors, and sizes. You can get a blue gingham pillow and match it with a red gingham baby blanket.

Use a Wallpaper

When you are designing a room with the intention of making it prints inspired, you should consider using wallpapers. A wallpaper is bold and inspiring and it communicates immediately the vibe of the room. If you choose a very big and bold wallpaper print, consider matching it with smaller prints that are not so loud but complement the wallpaper.

You can use wallpapers as an accent wall behind your bed or dining room table wall and then using a smaller print or a plain adjacent wall checkered in smaller designs like picture frames lights. This contrast will help keep the room balanced and not too overpowering.